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So everyone seems to have not scrolled far enough down in teh change log to pick up this little number about world bosses. We just failed Tequatl with a well organized team. It was amazing! [link]
Such a fun game Dood :sick:
Played Painted Heart with Mel today :sick: [link]
Squaz, you know the deal. Anything an adult can do, a young asian child can do better. This isn't news.
ive been doing music for 2 decades and this kid is 6 years old and can match if not surpass my skills [link] BULLSHIT
YQveG6t.jpg looks white to me
q7j5V1T.jpg Squall your white needs bleaching
Okay, so ele's may have lost the extra 10 conjured weapon charges, but with 3 trait trees to grandmaster, I consider it an even tradeoff o-o
and new trait/specialization system (already worked on my ranger and mesmer and i can say ive been buffed
Huge patch: Lion's Arch rebuilt and white wings in the Gem Store
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