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Fuck this im making a thread with where we can all make the sound pack for IA together
(user was kicked from the channel) - Admin abuse!!
SHUT UP! someone has entered the channel - User has had enough and left the server, UH OH somebody crashed, alt tab to find out!
HAH!!!! I am so making a TS3 Sound Pack for IA
Okay, so I found the "WE ARE IN THE BEAM" voice from TF2. [link] Choose WillFromAfar and have fun o-o
i'm pretty sure this is a clutch, [link]
Xpost from my college friends' comedic facebook group. [link]
i'll wait until horizons sells for 15$
Now if only all my money wasn't going to a car and I had aworking computer...
speaking of Elite Dangerous. If you spring for the Horizons expansion for black friday then you can get a cool, exclusive black paint job to use.
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